Facets™ for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans

  • medium-man-speaking-jpg-362x246Facilitate Communication between Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans communicate and share data with one another via Inter-plan Teleprocessing Services (ITS). This nationwide electronic network facilitates coverage for BlueCard® members who receive healthcare services while traveling or residing in another affiliate plan’s service area. But getting a core administrative system to seamlessly share data via ITS can be a challenge.

    With TriZetto's ITS sub-system for the Facets™ application, your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan can communicate easily with ITS. Designed to meet the special business needs of Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations, the Facets ITS sub-system enables you to send, receive and manage data regarding claims, providers, membership and fee-for-service/capitation billing. The solution reduces costly manual processes, helping you manage both “Host” and “Home” claims faster, more easily and more economically. And as ITS evolves, TriZetto continuously updates the software, freeing your IT staff to focus on other business priorities.